Our world is digital. There’s no going back. So we embraced this and built technology to enable people to talk, listen, discuss, deliberate, negotiate and even agree.

All online.

Better than they can do now in our uncontrolled online environment.

Better than face-to-face where some people are more equal than others.

Pax technology is a smart way of getting people together en masse – from 100 to 100,000.

With our combination of technology and people processes, you can bring large numbers of people together to discuss and understand the ins and outs of complex issues.

Corporate bosses can connect with coalface workers, governments with communities, and leaders with members. They can talk, listen, exchange points of views and formulate solutions.

Because unity is more powerful than division.

“Our powerful, transformative processes turn the chaos of different points of view into coherent and supported ways forward.”

Pax reinvents facilitation

Transformative methodologies like mediation and facilitation already exist. These methods are proven to deal with high emotion, handle different perspectives, and shed light on solutions.

But they are expensive and difficult – if not impossible – to use at a large scale. They are mostly only used once the damage is done.

This is where Pax is unique.

Pax pairs the latest cognitive AI technology with the very best people to take transformative processes to a new level, and to help you unearth invaluable insights within your large stakeholder group.

“We imagined a world in which people can safely and functionally convene to talk about important issues. Our technology means they can do that, and can cut through the noise to seize the opportunities that emerge when people are free and able to be heard.”