Social media has weaponized society, and it’s diminishing us all in the process. Only the brave or the foolish attempt serious discourse online.

The wired world needs safe places to talk about the things we’re most passionate about. But the technology that creates binary, unproductive discourse is also able to create those safe and functional places as well.

At Pax, we’ve worked for more than 20 years with groups of people who care strongly about an issue – the impacts of mining, irrigation, wind farms, forest logging, you name it – but who struggle to find ways to agree on what they’re all fired up about.

We’ve garnered international recognition for successfully applying excellent large group conflict resolution and negotiation processes to sort out these messes and get shared and supported outcomes.

What we’re doing now is building technology that brings people together – safely, functionally, conveniently – at a meaningful scale to bring about objectively-informed change.

With this effective and large-scale “voice” comes data. With data comes informed action.

Today’s big problems – in society as well as in the communities within large organisations – demand a rethink about how we live together. And that begins with how we talk.

At Pax, we’ve taken what we know is needed for people to talk freely and productively, and applied technology to turn those online conversations in to deep and reliable insight.

Change lasts when it’s founded on wide participation and reliable insight.

We built a platform to bring the best of group problem-solving processes to the wickedest problems to shed light, to deepen understanding and show a clear, supported way forward.

It’s our customers who will provide the building blocks for the Pax vision.

We’ll change their worlds – and the world – one conversation at a time.