Tone Parser™ – objective insight into your Tone from the Top

Leaders’ language can reveal remarkable – sometimes uncomfortable – insights into the perceptions, sub-conscious biases and communication gaps that drive organisational culture.

We’ve developed the C-Sight Tone Parser™ diagnostic to give leaders of large enterprises a “view in the mirror” of their company’s Tone from the Top. It’s the objective feedback that’s missing from your corporate communications and culture toolkit.

The Tone Parser™ diagnostic is designed to answer four key questions:

  • How aligned is what we say with our corporate values?
  • What exactly are we telling our key stakeholders?
  • How does what we communicate compare to our competitors?
  • How is what we communicate trending?

How is it done?

The C-Sight Tone Parser™ collects your publicly-available data from sources like corporate filings. Our language analysis algorithms process this through our “7 dimensions of culture” lens to give a relative score for each dimension. Other communications can be added to broaden out the picture, if required.

What do you get?

A Tone from the Top Report compares your corporate communications from CEO and Chair to your statements of corporate values, and identifies areas of alignment and gaps. It compares your company’s tone to others within your sector or specific companies you nominate.

Deeper analysis of communications within your company and from members of your executive leadership team can also be done, giving a regional or functional leadership dimension.

A Tone Parser™ diagnostic is an ideal first step before beginning your cultural transformation program.

A sample Tone from the Top report is available for download here.

How long does it take?

A basic report takes 2 weeks. A broader analysis may take a little longer.

For more information:

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