The Culture Canary

Find out the real truth about your ”Tone at the Top“.


If eyes are the window on the human soul, words are the window on a company’s culture

Leaders’ language can reveal remarkable – sometimes uncomfortable – insights into what’s really most important to corporations.

This matters because employees, customers, suppliers, regulators and communities are listening. Not just shareholders. 


What does the Culture Canary do?

The Culture Canary diagnostic tool uses natural language processing algorithms to tell leaders if there is a gap between their walk and their talk. 

Where it is, and how big it is. 


We answer four key questions

  • Is what we say to the outside world aligned with our corporate values?

  • What exactly are our key stakeholders hearing?

  • How does what we communicate compare to our competitors?

  • How is what we say trending over time?

You find out early if there’s a reputational issue looming. 

Objective truth

The Culture Canary is raw algorithmic objectivity. There’s no spin - it puts the facts in your hands. 


We have the data. We’ve built the algorithms. You can have it now, fill the gaps and do more of what you’re getting right. 

The beginning

Our conviction is that hard truths are the beginning of the growth journey. We won’t tell you what you need to do, just where you need to start. 


How do you get the Culture Canary?

If you’re an ASX100 company we already have your public data and you can have a Canary report in your hand within days. For others, it might take a little longer. 


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