Platos™ member engagement platform

As a member organisation you need to listen, to hear and to understand the views of your most important stakeholders, your members. 

It’s what they pay you for, afterall.

But the traditional “listening” tools like surveys give you only very shallow engagement and limited insight. And doing enough interviews or focus groups for valuable granular insight is prohibitively expensive and time consuming. And still very limited in number.

While committee meetings and member forums have an important role to play for your accountability and engagement, modern member organisations are seizing the huge opportunities of digital and AI to:

  • increase their reach and quality of engagement
  • base their policies on real, defensible member data, and
  • give their advocacy the knock-out blow advantage.

That’s why we created Platos™, our new generation member conversation platform. To make it easy for you to engage and get deep insights from – and about – your most important people, quickly and effectively at an accessible price.

Platos™ is a powerful, modern member-engagement solution that brings and keeps your members close.

And, it’s got enterprise power at a not-for-profit price point.

Platos’ AI-based technology makes the impossible possible:

  • engage large numbers of your members in rich, deep discussions, like you would in a meeting or workshop
  • process the results into meaningful reports quickly using the power of AI
  • manage and make sense of a myriad of different points of view, and
  • make social media trolling history.

Ideal for:

  • policy consultation
  • strategy planning, and
  • member ideation.

Platos™ can give you processed, actionable results in less than 2 weeks of an invitation to your members being issued.

It’s a private, expert-moderated engagement platform, able to handle direct engagement with thousands of members and deliver:

  • member-led policy
  • data-driven policy
  • data-backed advocacy
  • a more agile organisation able to respond to a changing world.

Platos™ – it’s like a focus group on steroids!

Platos™ for member engagement has been in ‘stealth mode’ whilst we perfect our C-Sight™ workplace culture platform. Platos™ is built on the same powerful AI technology platform as C-Sight™ and we decided we just had to release it to the not-for-profit sector so they too could benefit from the remarkable power of deep, large-scale conversations for building stronger member relationships.

GET IN QUICK OFFER: Click on the big green button below to reach out to Pax Republic Founders Barbara Sharp and Tim Offor. Let us know you’re interested and we will send you the information you need to properly appraise Platos™. To the first 10 who email us, we’re offering a FREE 1-HOUR SKYPE CONSULTATION by Barbara or Tim on a real engagement challenge you’re grappling with. We’ve 50 years’ of combined engagement consulting experience and we’d be happy to offer a fresh perspective.