Turning social friction into traction

This is the Age of the viral and vicious Internet, the Age of Intangible Asset Valuation, the Age of Brand.
We’re in a crazy time when we’re told that the social divisions fomented by the likes of Facebook can be solved by…more Facebook.

At Pax we disagree.

Deliberation, thoughtful dialogue, decision-making built on fact as well as opinion, don’t have to be sacrificed on the altar of social narcissism.

Today’s big problems – in society and in our organisations – need big solutions developed and owned by many thousands of people.

That’s the challenge that Pax has stepped up to answer.

How to bring people together around important issues, powered by the best technology.

There are great process tools around for sorting out these complex, messy issues but they’re expensive and very analogue. That’s why at Pax Republic, we have used the latest technology to digitize proven people problem solving processes so that order can be created out of the chaos of different points of view.

We imagined a world where you could safely, productively engage with 1,000 people at a time over difficult, complex issues, yet listen to them clearly, explore deeper, and gain new insights into shared problems and how to fix things up.

Powerful processes like mediation, facilitation, joint fact finding and design thinking are now readily accessible through Pax’s solutions, so that the seemingly intractable becomes humanly possible.