Do you really know what’s going on in your workforce?

Do you suspect there’s a filter on the real truth about the strategic business risks lurking within your workforce? It ticks like a time bomb in your darkest moments. Do you feel the wings of your ambitions for growth and transformation are clipped by the huge consequences of not managing those outlying risks? Do you think you’re doing all that best practice in risk management tells you to, but you still see others being snared by scandals that you suspect could also snare you?

C-Sight delivers new, previously inaccessible, insights to the C-Suite for identifying and managing strategic business risks.

Cultural issues like bullying and unethical behaviour, diversity and safety have big consequences if undetected or mismanaged. As well as the personal cost for your employees, they can damage your:
  • Reputation
  • Operations
  • Access to capital
  • Customer loyalty
  • Workforce morale

Using the powerful C-Sight platform, you can surface your cultural risk issues and understand their systemic or root causes. Then make change that sticks.

C-Sight helps you sort out smouldering risks before they end up in the media or whistleblower hotline.

How it works

We create a trusted, anonymous environment that makes it safe for people to speak up about risk issues. Expert facilitators – from your own professional advisors or our in-house team — work online with your people, leading structured purposeful discussions so you can understand root cause and any systemic roadblocks.

It’s sort of Yammer-meets-Oprah Winfrey but without the risk of exposure.

C-Sight’s features include:
  • Purpose built, intelligent platform
  • Cloud hosted and fast to deploy
  • Verified anonymity to increase participant trust
  • Neutral online facilitator support
  • Text-based conversations support hundreds or thousands of participants
  • Lets your workforce identify issues and risks, and contribute to solutions
  • Gives you insights immediately and easily compiled reports at the end of each discussion.