C-Sight for “wicked problem” solvers

If CommInsure had asked their trusted advisers to use C-Sight to understand risks in their payments division, the scandal might never have reached the whistle blower service, let alone a Senate inquiry. And the obvious gap between espoused culture and practice might have been closed much earlier.

There’s no shortage of wicked problems to be solved in global business.

But there is a shortage of reliable workplace culture data to inform excellent and reliable strategy.

The world’s smartest professional advisers to business are the hand in the algorithmic glove of the C-Sight governance risk solution.

C-Sight is like an online room. A very large online room. Its machine learning algorithms are like a mini-messenger that tells real-life professionals where in the conversation they need to focus their higher order intelligence.

In this way C-Sight is all of a digital forum, a digital facilitator, and a digital researcher. So that professional advisers can gain access to richer, broader more comprehensive insight into cultural risk issues than they can possibly tap today.

And this is why professional advisers are seizing the opportunity C-Sight presents:

  • You can do a better job with AI than alone - reduces cognitive bias in advice
  • Be better informed and give better advice, so deliver better results for your clients
  • Secure recurring revenues through a subscription-based work program
  • Cut delivery costs and time to delivery, show you’re looking out for your clients’ interests
  • Enable greater flexibility and provide more challenging work for your young recruits
  • Reach employees and clients from across the globe, without leaving home.