C-Sight®– Employee Voice ... when it matters

Unearth, understand root cause, and act on the real truth of what’s happening in your workforce, as freely told by your employees. 


What is C-Sight?

C-Sight is the world’s smartest, largest Voice of the Employee platform, purpose built for understanding employees’ lived experience of major business decisions.

It’s an online, anonymous conversation platform for corporate culture, risk, transformation and change.

C-Sight gives qualitative feedback at a quantitative scale. It’s like a focus group on steroids. 


Use C-Sight for...


Virtual forums for elevating truth

C-Sight forums are very focused “pulse” conversations about whatever “burning platform” issue you need to understand to take fast, corrective action.

A typical forum runs over 5 days and can include the voices of up to 1,000 people.  


Psychological safety creates candour and real employee voice


Real interactive conversation – not survey – creates a virtuous cycle of engagement. 


C-Sight can tell you if it’s a “squeaky wheel” or a systemic problem.


Include your whole workforce, tap their collective experience. 

Clear direction

Clear data and insightful reports so you know what to do next, how and with whom. 


Transform your leadership by walking in the shoes of your people – and bringing them along with you. 

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C-Sight® is deep

Surveys can tell you what, but not why

They can only answer the questions you ask

C-Sight uses interactive conversation, not free text boxes


C-Sight® is enterprise scale

Include up to 1,000 employees in each forum

Get results within minutes, hours, days – not months

Retain access to your data – grow your insight with every new conversation


C-Sight® isn’t creepy

Strong privacy and anonymity create psychological safety & encourage candour

Customised registration surveys structure the participant data for insight

Employee voice is freely given - there’s no surveillance



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C-Sight is offered in two types of packages - fully independent and DIY. Ask our sales team to take you through them. 


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