Technology alone cannot solve complex human problems. Nor can human cognition. Put the two together? Emotion and objectivity become a powerful force for change.

Pax brings the latest machine intelligence together with human intelligence to create new, better ways of working with large groups of people and extracting insights from what are complex concepts within language.

By combining the best of human and artificial intelligence, we are able to generate high quality people data and mine the conversation for “nuggets” of useful, actionable insights. All while keeping people’s identities anonymous to ensure people can speak candidly.

Is AI more biased than humans?

There’s a lot of talk about AI being biased because of the inherent biases in the data used to train it. That’s certainly a problem for some applications where there are legitimate concerns about cultural and gender bias in training datasets.

For the areas where we use AI – particularly for efficient reporting and directing facilitators’ attention – we find algorithms are much more objective than us humans, particularly for information processing tasks.

And the “intelligence augmentation” approach we’re taking means that the important decisions always sit with the humans, but the two parts make for a far superior whole.