Technology alone cannot solve complex human problems. Nor can human cognition. Put the two together? Magic happens.

Pax brings together the latest machine intelligence and human intelligence to create new, better ways of working with large groups of people.

By combining the best of human and artificial intelligence, we create platforms for solving wicked problems and pathways to new sources of social data.

Here's how it works with our C-Sight™ solution...

AI algorithms mine the rich conversational data to find the “signal amid the noise”.

These signals are sent to expert human moderators to help them navigate the sea of text and contributors. Supported by AI, they can intervene when and where needed; look after upset people, encourage participation and move conversations forward.

This way very large numbers of people can talk together, while being supported by a professional who keeps the discussion functional and yielding results for all.

And our AI-driven reporting quickly summarises discussions, enabling us to reach objective conclusions about what people are saying and why, and capture that in reports for our customers.

And this is how truly well-informed and supported outcomes can be reached, and endure.

Solving the engagement conundrum

By combining technology with skilled professionals, we’ve overcome two of the biggest challenges of large-scale human engagement:

Information biases caused by different people’s styles and levels of confidence. Expert-moderated online dialogues enable everyone to be heard, not just the loudest and most confident.

Practicalities and efficiencies of scale, where large face-to-face groups become too cumbersome and expensive to easily convene, but large online processes using existing collaboration tools become chaotic and directionless.