About Pax Republic

Innovation, experience and ethics.


Our mission is to build technology that enables inclusive leadership

We are riding the wave of democratised AI so we can make it easy for our customers to elevate the voice of their stakeholders to inform the world’s most important decisions. 


We care about your people

We know what it takes to make people feel safe and get them talking online. Our solutions are anchored by proven principles, practices and processes for actively engaging humans in all our emotional and rational glory.


Very smart technology

Our AI technology is designed to augment and enhance the work of skilled humans to turn large-scale participation and rich conversational text into reliable data to support your informed action. 


Ethics at the heart of all we do

What is given privately stays private. What is said anonymously stays anonymous. We don’t surveil - ever. And we are very proud of that.


Our Founders

Pax Republic’s founders have spent their careers sorting out reputational disasters and re-building fractured relationships between organisations and their stakeholders.

They decided to build a company that could help large organisations connect with their people – top to bottom – to avoid major missteps and get people and strategy aligned. 


Barbara Sharp

Co-Founder & CEO

Barbara brings to Pax a rich background in media, politics & crisis communication. She is first & foremost a strategic communicator, experienced in advising boards and C-Suite executives on preparing for, managing and recovering from reputation crises.

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Tim Offor

Co-Founder & CTO

Tim’s professional experience spans the social and ecological sciences, being an expert mediator and facilitator of large-scale processes as well as a trained ecologist. He’s a technophile, experimenter and builder who leads Pax’s product and R&D teams.

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The Pax Team

The Pax team brings together an exceptional group of AI engineers, data scientists, development engineers and communicators. The shingle may say Melbourne but we are global citizens who work from all over.  

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We’re hiring

We are constantly on the lookout for exceptional people who share our vision for building and delivering ethical technology to tackle the biggest human challenges.

If what we’re doing appeals, get your name down for future opportunities. 


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