The Employee Voice solution for world-leading companies

AI-driven tools to unearth insight into the business issues critical to employees and their leaders. 


Because the world is shifting on its axis

New ways of leading are demanded in an increasingly complex, ambiguous operating environment. New Generations of employees and customers are demanding to have a voice in the decisions that affect them. 


Hierarchy won’t survive the Information Age

The ability to hear from your people – and for your people to tell you the real truth of what’s going on – before decisions are locked down, before they run amok – has arrived. 

“I was astonished by the depth the stories gave us. It helps enormously with prioritising what we do next.”

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

G8 University

“Our client was [happy] because we could say ‘they said precisely this’ – rather than our interpretation of it – so precision as well as volume of data.”

Director, Culture Risk Practice

Global consulting firm

“We discovered things in this forum that we would never have understood any other way”

National Managing Partner

Global consulting firm


What we do

We unearth the real truth from large-scale, interactive, online conversations conducted on our platform, to re-connect leaders to the front line of their organisation. 

Real conversation

We unearth the real truth from large-scale, interactive employee conversations. Rich qualitative insight, not surveys. 

Hidden insights

Artificial intelligence, augmented by human intelligence, unlocks the hidden insights from thousands of personal stories. 

Candid & reliable

Anonymity, facilitation and strong privacy create an environment of ‘psychological safety’ so you can trust what you’re hearing. 


Our solutions use leading-edge AI to enable freely given voice

Our C-Sight® and Culture Canary solutions use sophisticated, bespoke AI to elevate truth, to shed light, to understand root cause, to leverage powerful personal stories – to transform. 

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Employee voice ... when it matters most

With C-Sight® you can unearth, understand root cause, and act on the real truth of what’s happening in your workforce as freely told by your employees. Because survey just can't do that.  

C-Sight info

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The Culture Canary - 500px_transparent

Culture Canary reads your Tone at the Top

The Culture Canary tells you if there’s a Rhetoric/Reality Gap between what you say is important, and what you do – and are seen to do. 

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The Pax Republic Value Proposition

TRUST – anonymity & integrity unlock participation & candour

SCALE – rich qualitative insight at an enterprise scale

INSIGHT – objective, accumulating & actionable human data 


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