Unleash the power of your people with Pax Republic

Software and support for large organisations to turn people’s diverse points of view into actionable insight

If an issue is important enough, there will be many different opinions to be heard and impacts to be taken into account to reach a truly “wise” outcome.

Pax Republic’s powerful pairing of human facilitation expertise and artificial intelligence manages this diversity.

So large organisations can turn the friction of different points of view into lasting traction.

Like you, we believe that the sum is greater than its parts. Pax Republic is all about managing the complex interpersonal politics that can be a barrier to insight and progress on important issues.

Pax matches the right group process to the complexity of your problem. You get skilled facilitation to unlock the enormous value inherent in different experiences, disciplines, preferences and perspectives.

We do this online.

Let us show you how text-based conversations unlock surprising social benefits for you and your participants. And deliver the time and cost efficiencies that only technology can achieve.

How it works

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We work with you to:

design your process

set up your forums

connect you to process professionals

train your team

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Our expert facilitators help you:





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Use our insight tools to:

easily create informative reports

understand participation and sentiment

identify key themes, and

make informed recommendations

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Roll out your program confident that:

it’s well informed by real data

people have ownership and are “on board”

you can re-visit participants to report and review progress.

The Benefits for You

Faster – have actionable results in weeks, not months

Cheaper – save 70% compared to the cost of face-to-face forums

Easier – remove availability and geography barriers to participation

Better – increase participation 10X or more with no extra effort

Stronger – better decisions based on better, broader data sources

Be more inclusive – listen, talk, hear stories, then shape solutions

Tap collective intelligence – more people = more ideas & perspectives

Stronger relationships – increase understanding and build trust

Better experience – manage dominance, introversion, bad behaviour

Greater insights – hear from more people, not just the “squeaky wheel”

What our customers are saying…

Libby Armstrong

(Former) Head of Communication, ANZ IIB
Aside from the prohibitive cost of flying people in, if I had tried to hold the same discussion face-to-face, hierarchy and stronger personalities would have dominated the conversation, questions would have been missed, and people would have been influenced by the mood in the room. Using Pax Republic, participants can ask the burning questions and debate solutions.  

Dr Paul-Antoine Bontinck

Product Stewardship Manager, Vinyl Council of Australia
Their system is simple to use, which made the entire process very easy to manage… We received positive feedback about the concept of online engagement … and we were very happy with the platform and the support we got from the Pax Republic team.

Todd Asensio

Deputy Principal, Elwood College
I really liked the reports. I could see how many users were there, who was coming and going. I loved that you can see people commenting as it happens, and see who’s said what. There was time to synthesise ideas and get instant feedback. Text is great like that.

Stephen Nash

Director of Coaching, Beaumaris Football Club
I think the whole process regardless of the result has been terrific. Your system and the platforms where people can make comments are excellent. I think the way we gave the invitees a brief background on the topics has helped people make more informed and calculated decisions. Much, much better than a survey … You have an excellent product.


What Pax will do for you

Employee Engagement

  • Get behind human resistances and create safe places for difficult discussions
  • Level out the loud and the quiet voices so that everyone can be “heard”
  • Make better informed decisions by including more diverse perspectives
  • Get robust outcomes that stick through employees helping shape solutions
  • Have your leaders contribute to discussions where and when they’re needed
  • Proactively manage culture risk before it hits whistleblower proportions
  • Save money on change programs that last because they’re informed by those who need to change
  • Build your human capital by training your own facilitators to manage group processes.

Citizen Engagement

  • Exceed your accountability commitments
  • Save staff time and taxpayers’ money with the latest technology
  • Demonstrate your inclusiveness and commitment to accessibility
  • Use expert facilitation to make engagement safe and productive
  • Extend citizen participation by 10x on face2face forums
  • Constructively manage diverse points of view
  • Make better policy because of broader participation
  • Avoid community angst and fear through better engagement
  • Build your human capital by training your own facilitators to manage group processes.

Member Engagement

  • Lead and respond to your members through smarter consultation
  • Save time and money using technology to convene meetings
  • Get broader, wider member participation
  • Deeply understand your different members’ perspectives
  • Manage diverse points of view and power imbalances
  • Learn and demonstrate new facilitation skills to create solutions
  • Create better informed policy and lobbying positions
  • Be transparent and show members how decisions were reached.

A solution for every need

At Pax we recognise that our platform needs to be as flexible as our customers are unique. So, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company looking for a competitive edge or a government agency needing to build trust with its community, Pax will help you to get the job done.



Make “agile leadership” real. Be a successful collaborator


Human Resources

Go deeper with organisational change. Unleash “collective intelligence”


Citizen Engagement

Deal with upset stakeholders, build better relationships. Do much better with less



Tap “collective intelligence” to get competitive edge. Grow and protect reputation



Engage safely with your citizens and reach more people for less cost


Member organisation

Deepen the dialogue with your members and save time & money



We’ll train your people so you can manage your own processes


 More difficult

Get more out of your group processes. Use our neutral facilitators to get shared outcomes



Leverage Pax transparency, independence and technology for problem solving and conflict resolution



Develop excellence in process design and facilitation. Get certified to facilitate online with confidence



Join the Pax facilitator community and find new customers



You already have your customer networks. Bring them new solutions through PaxEQ


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